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5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Blog Content

Now that you know why your business needs a blog, the next step is deciding who will write it. While it’s natural to pawn off social media and blogging to your dutiful intern or take it on yourself (when you find the time), it may actually be more beneficial to outsource your blog content to a freelance writer. And before you say it, we know trusting an outsider to represent your brand can sound a bit daunting, but we promise, the benefits easily outweigh the risk — and here’s why:

  1. It’s Cost-Effective: Arguably the most significant benefit of outsourcing content (especially for startups), is that it saves you money. On average, a full-time in-house content writer will cost you around $41,759 annually — and that doesn’t include on-boarding, benefits, or the copious amounts of office coffee they will consume.
    In contrast, freelance writers are only paid for their output. So if you only need four blog posts a month, you only pay for four blog posts a month. No salary, no benefits, no wasted time scrolling through social media. You pay for the product —that’s it.
  2. Consistent Content: For most small businesses creating blog content isn’t a top priority, but it absolutely should be. Consistency is key when it comes to building an online audience. Followers (and consumers) will quickly lose interest if you drop the ball on producing valuable content. That being said, who has the time to consistently research and write compelling content? Freelance writers, that’s who! When you hire a freelance writer to create your blog content you get frequent posts in a consistent voice, which grows your audience and strengthens your brand’s voice. Game, set, match.
  3. It’s More Efficient: No two people are exactly alike. While you may be a whiz at creating smartphone apps, I can’t even figure out how to change the eye shape on my Bitmoji. But do you know what I am good at? Writing. It’s what I do, so it makes sense that it would be more efficient for me to produce your content than it would be for you to do it. Time is money, people. Don’t waste it trying to master something you’re not good at when you could hire a pro to do it for you —speaking of which, any Bitmoji masters out there? Anyone?
  4. Better Results: While you may know everything there is to know about your business, freelance writers know how to write for the web. It’s important to make your content easily digestible so that it can be read and absorbed quickly (like I said, time is money). Did I also mention that publishing high-quality, easy-to-read content will boost traffic, engage readers, and generate more leads?
  5. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy: Although I can’t speak for all freelance writers out there, in general, freelancers are a delight to work with. Seriously! You’re paying us for what we produce, not how long it takes us to produce it, which means we want to get it done just as efficiently as you do. We are task-oriented, so there is no need to micromanage or hold our hand while we do it. You need an article, we’ll write an article — it’s really as simple as that.

To recap, outsourcing your blog content will save you time and money, and lead to better results. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Now, if only there was an easy way to find the right person for the job

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